Spring/Summer Polo Pack


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      This listing is for a spring/summer themed polo pack. Four short sleeve polo shirts (in your choice of either blue, white, or yellow) are included. Please choose your 4 designs from the list below. In the notes box, include applicable details- your child's name and initials, font choice (and what design you want on what color polo you want it on. Again, the choices are either blue, white, or yellow and pique polos are used.. pique is a textured, high quality fabric!


      1) Baseball & bat (paired with carson font in sample) 

      2) Masters green jacket (paired with sawyer font) 

      3) Sketch Bunny & Eggs (paired with James monogram) 

      4) Lab with flag (paired with carson font)  

      5) Mini sailboats (paired with Shirley monogram) 

      6) Airplane (paired with smell the roses font) 

      7) Fishing Rods (with Vienna side letters) 

      8) Beach ball (with smell the roses font) 

      9) Bobbers & Buoys (with fishtail font) 

      10) Golf cart (with Carson font) 

      11) Boy in Jon Jon with bunny (with Hadley font) 

      12) Monogram only (highly recommend the James or  ribbed font!) 

      13) Tennis rackets with Benjamin font as a 3 letter monogram 
      *Most any design can be used on polos so feel free to write in if you want something different or not pictured!


      Please note: I buy a variety of brands, especially as availability is ever changing. You may notice that one size is 4, and the other size is 4/5. I have compared brands and the only occasional difference is that one brand might have slightly more length. In general, they all run VERY similar. If this is an issue, please do not purchase this pack as I cannot guarantee that all 4 will be the exact same brand! Colors are the same across brands. 

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